Opening Your Presence: Making the Right ImpressionOpening Your Presence: Making the Right Impression

What makes you stand apart from the crowd? How do you quickly make a strong, positive impression and send the message you want? See yourself more objectively, in command of your verbal and non-verbal messages and open your presents to reveal the presence you want all to see.

HOW you say something is often more important than WHAT you say. Communication is 80 – 90% visual. Are you sending the messages you want?

Training Includes:

• Two hours workshop
• One hour one-on-one sessions with participants (Ask questions & address concerns in privacy)
• One month access to support and follow-up via Skype, phone and email


Greta Muller Developed by Greta Muller
New York Talent Coach and Founding Partner
Presentation Coach and Media Trainer | 917.684.4561



Previous Workshop Participants Say:

"Greta was there for me even after the seminar. I sent her a video of my presentation and we reviewed it line by line. I learned how to watch objectively instead of beating myself up."

"Your workshop provided solid basics as well as theories for me to think about and develop for myself. I didn’t feel you were just telling me what to do."

“Greta is a terrific coach. I found her to be compassionate and quick to identify my primary and secondary objectives. She worked with me on an individualized level and developed a customized program just for me.”

“The one-on-one time was invaluable and cemented my workshop take-aways. I appreciated Greta’s sensitivity…”